Our Mission (Notre Mission)


Of all the injustices plaguing our world today, the most tragic is when children suffer. In an era where resources are certainly not lacking, it seems inconceivable that children still live in material or emotional poverty, often sliding into disillusionment, or worse, ending up living on the streets or trapped with a drug addiction. Nonetheless, this is where a number of them end up. With no plausible solutions and without the required affection and attention, they gradually lose sight of all hope for a better life. But what if, together, we could help them chart a new course for themselves?


Charting New Courses is an organization that comes to the assistance of children and teens. By bringing together specialized professionals in a variety of fields (psychology, criminology, recreology, etc), the organization has taken on the mission of providing direct support to children and teens on Montreal’s South Shore, while supporting other similarly mandated organizations, such as youth centers, the Ste-Justine Hospital and the Ronald MacDonald House, to name just a few. The founder of the project, Rhea Fontaine, has been involved in helping children and teens for a number of years now. She is particularly well-known in charity circles for the dedication with which she organizes fundraisers for sick children, some of whom are nearing the end of their lives. Having worked tirelessly on this new project, she has succeeded in pulling together an amazingly competent and dynamic team.

Nouveau Parcours